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6 Paths and Styles of Maui Tantra


Maui practitioners over the years have studied many types of Tantra. Some more classical renditions involve solo meditation practices often guided by a Hindhu or Tibetan teacher. For educational purposes,  6 Tantra paths will be described that also include sacred healing touch, sensual body touch, and temple massage styles that have evolved over time, migrating and morphing over many years. These 6 paths are often described as: White, Red, Rose, Black, Dark, and Indigo.  Each Maui Tantra rendition is defined here briefly, partly in relation to sexuality and the sensual. Of course, there is much more to this subject than stated in simple fashion below…

Tantra has been around for thousands of years and continues to evolve as eastern philosophy meets western psychology. Surrendering to what is – in every moment, with reverence to the miracle of Life, one asks: Who am I?  What is True?

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Colors of Tantra



White Tantra

Often solo and highly spiritual, White Tantra attracts natural celibates, mystics, and deep meditators. Steeped in mystery and often manifesting the very highest siddha powers, these persons often hide from view. Certain key persons, such as the Dalai Lama, are in full view. White Tantra also can include subtle forms of energetic healing touch. Arousal is rare and if its there, it is soon re-channeled elsewhere.

White Tantra can also include different combinations of yoga, dance, and song.  Any creative expression of a devotional state that is somatic, slow and not sexual at all… could be considered White Tantra.


Red Tantra

Ritualized meditative and sensual practices are done with a partner. Red Tantra can possibly involve sexual positioning, entering into openings, exchanging fluids. Almost no one on earth does Red Tantra correctly. Both heart ease and caution are needed. It is ultimately meant to be selfless, completely pure, detached, and one with one’s “Ishta Deva”, meaning chosen deified Internal Consort. Ejaculate is not supposed to be lost, as it usually drains the Chi needed for liberation. Needless to say, tons of people enjoy Red Tantra and figure: “Practice makes perfect”.  However, there are many studious, more traditional Tantra enthusiasts that feel this is just a rationalization. Hence the term “Neo-tantra” was born in the USA.


Rose Tantra

Rose Tantra was birthed perhaps in the USA in the 80’s, very possibly on Maui. The idea is to strike a midway point between the White and the Red styles that are so traditional in India. In Rose, people can still partner up, but they play “on the edges”. They slow things down, breathe, contemplate, open their hearts… They can be yummy, touch gently, and do sacred healing massage work, while still practicing to move the energy upward and away from the need to enter into any orifices of the body. There is no sex of any kind and it is a safer approach than Red, for practicing…


Black Tantra

Most people consider this to be evil, or Void of the heart altogether. If while you are performing something Tantric, you say or think: “God, you are not invited” …or… “Heart, you are not invited here”, you could find yourself in the Black Tantra department, creating black magic, not white. However, there are people that have a completely different take on this. More people are beginning to think that Black Tantra has had a prejudicial “bad rap” all for nothing… that it actually means “Chaos” or the Dark Hidden Goddess being Unveiled in all Her Power and Mystique. Perhaps some people are turned off by dogmatic religions to such a degree, that  “God The Father”  is no longer invited… but the Divine Feminine is, or one’s own true Self is invited.  Still, with or without religion, like many, I do not dare risk any practice that could loose its Central Heart Focus, involving head -heart- gut,  or father-child-mother, or whatever triune balance is needed for a full rainbow spectrum of real love and compassion for the good of all. One’s sacred alignment and personal creed is very important, when interacting with others in the powerful shamanic field of Tantra.


Shadow Tantra

This “50 shades” style seems to have lost some of it’s appeal, in recent times. Here, two consenting adults are pushing those edges more than the norm. It may be very mild, like some light rope restraining, or a blind fold, though some persons do more daring practices. It is a way to see that pain and pleasure are both polarities that are either tools to… or distractions from… sitting in the center of Core Reality, which transcends both. It also teaches one to honor boundaries! 

Some “shadow play” or “edge work” is enacted in what is sometimes termed D/S (domination/submission). Sometimes it’s just called kinky, more primal, “darkish” or more eccentric. Actually, all Tantra is supposed to be addressing the shadow parts; and not doing spiritual bypass by hiding in the “Light”, while denying one’s own “baggage”.  Some people are just naturally edgy and they have every right to play safely and respectfully in this way. This path requires honest awareness to actually be Tantric with it. Instead, it often traps one in a set-up that never evolves at all. Teachings and guidance can help. 


Indigo Tantra

Indigo Tantra was born from my own personal longing for freedom as my own truest Self. It is to be in the world, but not of the world. Indigo Tantra is highly esoteric and yet has no rules at all. It is filled with wonder and pure spontaneity and can be playful or very serious, yet always vulnerable. It holds it’s own purity naturally, no matter what is happening. This is a genuinely light-hearted wish of mine, that perhaps others would relate to. You can make up your own custom Tantric “color” and style too. Who knows, maybe it will catch on with others!  Lots of colors make up the rainbow. You are free to experiment and play, but don’t get your tail wet!  Tantra is actually a big responsibility, too.

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The Intent of  Tantra


Much of the world population has grown weary of suppressing their own innate sexual nature. We need education, expression and nourishment on every level. Clearly, human sexuality is highly complex, nuanced and mysterious. Most religious cultures have tried to keep us safe by steering us away? Hence things only got worse through the ignoring, repressing, outlawing and downright vilifying it… even locking people up for it… even stoning them to death for it.

Seems the time is now ~ All paths eventually can lead one to the truth, when sincere. Some approaches are wiser than others, but it is often a subjective situation. Whatever portal of sacred-sexuality, fetish/kink, polyamory, trans/cd/tv, bi-sexuality, celibacy or combination…we can learn what is non-judgemental and of a pure heart. Together we can learn this as a collective. This seems to be where we are now.

Do you desire the blissful merging into a state of transcendent, ecstatic, universal love; or would you rather feel captured, playfully preyed-upon, taken, dominant, predatory, slutty, wild, perverse or primitive?  Is one path more suitable to you than the other?  Can you combine?  Have you ever even thought about this before? There is such depth of knowledge and wisdom available around human sexuality and the human spirit. Ultimately, all Tantra leads one to what is beyond all name and form altogether… to “the screen behind the movie images.”  That is an enlightened state.  Real Tantra leads us there. Intent and purity are everything. There are many potential distractions along the way;  yet, there is a graced way to feel joy on this path, too.

The original Tantra is more valuable today than ever before. It is about asking the big questions: Who am I, how vast, how divine, and how much energy and life force do I chose to handle?  What is my true purpose here?  What is my greatest love expression?

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Classical Tantra vs Neo-Tantra

“The moving, transforming, mystical power of love,
 which unites the human element with the divine.”

The Sanskrit word:  “Tantra,” put simply, means: “to weave,” or “an instrument for expansion and continuity.”  Another phrase might be:  “The loom that life is woven on…unbroken web.”  Tantra enables you to have the power to be who you want to be within the dream. Pre-programmed perception is everywhere. Control your mind and you control your reality.  Look at the components that make up your mind and personality.  Dissolve those things you don’t want, and recreate yourself as a Master.

Another wonderful definition of Tantra is: “The yoga of imagination to achieve divinity.”  Most of Tibetan Buddhism is based on Tantra. As a celibate monk, the Dalai Lama practices “White Tantra”, though some of his students, on occasion, discreetly practice other tantric styles, including Red Tantra, as do other well known teachers, such as Kalu Rinpoche and Krishamurthi. Ancient Egyptian and Asian philosophy seems to have delved more deeply into these hidden healing arts, more than the western faction, or so it seems. Certain Native American tribes also practiced a form of it, as did plenty of other cultures and religions using different terms such as “Karezza” and “Bride of Christ”. Often these studies have been discreet, as they have been misunderstood, misused in highly abusive ways (ie: certain sick priests), or even when used correctly, they have been a threat to established thrones of power.

Of the many branches of Tantra, the Neo-Tantra style is especially what has recently become very popular in the Western world. It has a connection with sacred sexuality and tends to walk ‘a razor’s edge’ as far as true authenticity goes. Tantra is about connecting with another person as the divine representative of All There Is. It is about transmuting biological energies into a higher elevated state for better health, longevity and spiritual well-being. Neo-Tantra offers a soft landing for persons brand new to this vast subject. Wise and discriminating guidance is needed, lest one fall off that tenuous “edge”. Personally, I think generally people DO fall off that razor’s edge. I guess it just further motivates me to keep this website up, even for educational purposes, as I think we all need to acknowledge, as a humanity, that we all have a lot to learn.


It seems that much confusion exists around the word “Tantra”

Often the term is used loosely to mean “spiritualizing sexuality.” A rather nebulous phrase. In truth, the subject of Tantra is so vast and profound, it would be presumptuous for most any of us to assume a complete understanding.

For this brief moment, let us address the subject of Tantra in a looser, New Age fashion, dealing especially with the issue of sexuality. When a person receiving Therapeutic Healing Touch feels aroused during a bodywork session, the therapist has a responsibility to weave and integrate these vital energies as needed to bring a sense of rejuvenation, general health and well-being. The objective and overall benefit is to gain a peaceful, controlled mastery of one’s energies – reserving one’s vital essence, and to experience the merging of “heaven & earth” or “emptiness & bliss.”

In the Tantric arts of the East, instruction is given to direct the attention upward. It is not to repress or deny the natural flow of energies which may include some arousal, but rather to direct the attention upward toward the transcendental bliss realm. This is a state so profound and ecstatic that any form of sensual experience, no matter how divine it may feel, will begin to lose its fascination. In the East, this may be termed “Samadhi,” and in the West, perhaps “Rapture.”

Of course, for most of us, that may be too much to fathom. Yet, even for a person constantly pulled by his sexuality and brand new to all these concepts, progress can be made. Using the ancient tools of breath awareness, meditation and esoteric healing touch, a frustrating biological condition can, with practice, be transformed into a refreshing, mellow, energizing experience… moving one toward mastery, “choice,” better health and awakened kundalini.

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More About Real Tantra

True Tantra is not something to be taken lightly because the energies of heaven and earth, when merged and integrated, are extremely powerful. That is why one needs to be very respectful, surrendered, pure of heart, and clear in one’s intentions. All of life vibrates with a primordial energy that I do not believe should ever be repressed. In Tantra, everything is honored, cherished, transmuted, and eventually transcended.

The mastery of this ancient art involves focusing your awareness on the divine perfection of all creation. Then ones biological energies spontaneously rise up into the higher parts of the body and into the higher states of consciousness, opening the heart and mind to whole new and awesome realities. The benefits are many in the realms of health, relationships, work, and play.

In this practice, one learns that one really has many choices. One begins to see the bigger picture – what is above, what is below, and how to merge oneself freely in both.


Can sexual energy be spiritual? If so, how?

The process is like climbing a ladder. Would you want to perpetually climb up only the first two rungs of a ladder, then fall back down, only to repeat it again for years or even lifetimes? In the more advanced stages, you learn to climb all the way up to the top rung and hang out there as much as you want. There you can see and feel and enjoy a lot more of what life has to offer.

A typical session might last between one and three hours. You can decide as you go along. It can include as much traditional or eclectic bodywork, energy work and discussion as you like and is appropriate and in alignment with the soul’s calling. It is not easy to provide exact details, for a true Tantrika is in essence spontaneous and in some ways unpredictable. Respect and inner guidance are fundamental to my approach. Also, it is important to consciously breathe.

I am sure you will find joy in this profound and supremely spiritual experience. As a more advanced, esoteric Tantrika, I am committed to offering all my work without compromise to the Highest. My objective is the sacred goal of transmuting and elevating your life energies into their highest forms, done in the most holistic, heartfelt and masterful way as possible.

I hope I have shed some clarifying light on the nature and overall goals of this unique and ancient teaching. In the end, regardless of your circumstances, you will learn how to incorporate the authentic impassioned Reality into everything you do.

One last note about Tantra and the many myths that have grown up around it. There are celibate saints who are fully Tantric. There are also sacred Geisha women who are in right relationship with God. This is touched upon in certain scriptures, East and West. Don’t ever be fooled by appearances.

Radha and Krishna in Tantra Bliss

“Things are never quite as they seem at the end of the age of Kali Yuga. 

It’s best to refrain from judging others; instead, 
be a student of life,
have quality associations,
 and learn what is right and pure for you.”