Questions About Maui Sacred Massage

(and how it relates to Tantra)

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Below are answers to many FAQs (frequently asked questions), in regard to Maui Tantra Sanctuary private sessions ~ designed for a sublime, quality experience of moving chi energy.  Deva teaches and practices the “higher octave” of a conventional Maui sensual massage, both for individuals and couples. Really, any kind of touch is a sensual experience. Tantra adds a wholistic and spiritual resonance…  Waking up to your higher self comes naturally, as you feel the peace and sublime sensitivity that goes with this very ancient healing art.  Scroll down to get LOTS of your questions answered!

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Step In

The Nature of Tantra is often a misunderstood topic. For many people around the world, practicing Tantra has little to do with sex. In the West, many are fascinated with the rare, more sexual connotation. So, here is some candid info on that end of the spectrum. Some of it is more for men, although women also want to know!

This is my first Tantric session ever. What can I expect?

Holding to principles of dharma and purity, I teach and also offer a sublime, sensory touch that leads to an elevated, altered state of being ~ an experience that can leave you feeling transformed and naturally high. My sessions, post pandemic, generally take place with comfortable loose fit clothes on, or off, or partially off. There are many variations and approaches. There is some discussion and there is also silence and beautiful music. Sometimes I even sing, and have mudras and mantras. That is pretty rare however, unless someone really asks for it. I also am open to switching roles where someone practices on me. You are paying for teachings that are rare and hard to find. With this foundation, you will have the tools you need in life to navigate whatever situation you find yourself in. I am an advanced Tantrika who understands both the esoteric and the tangible.

I am also happy to offer highly educational virtual, long distance sessions for anyone. Remote sessions are as experiential as you like.

My goal is to fully support persons to either “drop in” or “spiral up” in becoming all that they can be ~ their best self.  Sessions usually end with a peaceful, yet vitalised feeling.  It’s quite a fascinating download of teachings that naturally unfold. You learn a type of inner focus to stay on that edge of awareness. My aim is to support your natural unfoldment and awakening process.

What are your fees?

Suggested donations, per hour, sliding scale:


♠ Tantric experiential practices via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom ~  $120 – 200 hr  (free 15 min intro)

♠  Phone sessions on ANY topic ~ diet, sex, job, finances, global news, marriage, depression, addiction, detox, quantum consciousness, time travel, anything! ~ sliding scale (free 15 min intro)



♠ Inspired Sessions for Men ~  $240 hr

♠ Tantric Practices for Couples ~  $250 hr

 Empowerment for Women ~  $150 – $200 hr

Low Income & Barter ~ TBD (to be determined)

Spiritual healings, Outdoor sessions, Muse ~ TBD

Please bring only cash donations with you to pay for your session, same day. Suggested is to bring an extra hour’s worth because often people decide to go longer than they had expected. Sliding scale is offered for income challenged persons.
REMOTE SESSIONS ~ Please contact me for a simple Venmo or Stripe transaction prior to your session.
SINGLE  IN-PERSON SESSIONS ~ Bring cash and wear comfy, loose clothes. Call or text when on your way… 
COUPLES IN-PERSON SESSIONS ~ Discuss with each other your wishes, needs and what you aspire toward.

Suggested session length >

For couples ~ 2 hrs is just fine ($550), some choose 2.5 hrs ($680), or 3 hrs ($820),  and on occasion 4 hrs ($1000).

For individuals ~ 1 hr is possible, but 1.25 is far better; and 2 hrs is best to really start learning the fundamentals of Tantra. In all sessions, there is flexibility ~ you can decide on the length, as you go along. Do bring extra cash ~ often people decide to go longer than they had expected.


 PHONE  ~ (808) 281-0081

More details on Sessions page here

What happens in a couples session?

Couples sessions are non-invasive and I am very attentive to the needs of both persons. I always establish a strong connection with the lady partner first and foremost. She will feel very validated and free to be more empowered in her own tantric, shamanic reality. This is what makes for a great couples session. Please rest assure that you will both feel safe and comfortable. Nudity and any body contact will be appropriate to the well-being of each of us.

A more “advanced” session does not necessarily mean more sexual energies, as many new people think. More advanced means more in touch on all levels. Amazing sex in your life can be a great side effect. I will be open to whatever counseling, purging, or energetic release is needed… in whatever sacred form it may want to show itself. I understand the sexual end of it, as well.

Couples sessions can vary. At one point, one partner may lay on a comfortable futon and the other partner and I may sit on either side. I follow my inner guidance to help guide and coach where needed as we explore and observe energies. Then, the partners may switch positions. I can also work with each of you separately, in private, if desired. Or, the three of us can just wing it in co-creative un-planned free style. Just be in touch with your goals and desires, and we can go from there. It’s bound to be a lot of fun and informative. Tantra can definitely help keep the magic in a relationship for a very long time.

What happens in a singles session?

Whether your interest is sensory, instructional, sublime or gently eccentric, you can expect a richly nourishing sharing with me. Full attention will be given to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit, and all of my self will be at your service. You can expect exquisite light to medium touch and teachings, and learn to offer more of the same to those you love. Loose, comfy clothes can remain on, or you can be nude and have draped soft fabrics over you, or whatever amount of clothes or no clothes feels for us to be mutually aligned.  Over the years, I found that a high degree of tactile sensuality easily could highjack the person from reaching the ultimate tantric goal. I am not closed to the possibility of full body nude touch, but during pandemic times, I learned to be more “wise” around super close touch. Best is always a phone-call first, so we can check compatibility on that.

For the men, there is no presumed goal of a “happy-ending” in my sessions… but there certainly is the goal of a “truly inspired ending”.  I can facilitate someone to have multiple waves of orgasmic, elevated states that are quite different and more liberating than most things known, or discussed, in modern times. Tantra is a vast and unknown reality. Also, rest assure, there are many ways to fully relax tired muscles and achy areas without using deep tissue sports massage and messy scented oils. A more subtle, exotic approach can be far more effective and long lasting. This is a very ancient art that moves through me very naturally, literally called “shaktipat”.  Try something brand new that can actually spark major change and even cosmic states of kundalini, when the fates are aligned.

Persons of any age are welcome to see me for guidance and deep experience.  I am not all that young anymore, and I’m happy to send anyone a “plain Jane photo”, as certain photos on this website are somewhat glamour shots. It shouldn’t really matter, as it’s really the energy and purity that make the difference. I just feel to be transparent on this. I have had amazing sessions with certain sincere men even as young as 19 – those who have some experience with yoga or other self-help modalities. Any age is fine with me.  I much enjoy sessions with women too, along with mixed genders, swingers and celibates… I only care about respect and love.

What happens in an online, long distance session?

A whole lot can happen in a private telephone, zoom, or skype session. Right from home, get support on any array of topics as it relates to love, sex, marraige problems, health issues, and actually most any topic, as I am also a muse and life coach on other matters besides tantra and intimacy.  Want to talk about the global situation?  Fine with me.  Want to cry or yell into a pillow because your partner left?  Fine with me.  Or just want to share your latest victory and contemplate whats next in your life?  Perhaps get my intuitive hit on that?   Wake up your own intuition?  As for the sensual end of tantra, persons on the phone with me have even learned how to have solo multi-orgasmic states and have felt safe to share very private things with me. I am very kind and fully confidential.

For singles, I often prefer telephone… partly because we don’t have to stare at a computer.  I prefer usually that we both relax on a bed or coach, clothes on or not (who cares, no one is looking) and just go for the deep dive minus the visuals.   I do not do nudity on any cyber device… but on a phone, audio only, the sky’s the limit on what can transpire.  We can get much more relaxed and open than if we were sitting there, fully clothed, and staring at a visual desktop screen.  Friends!  Consider just nice headphones and audio sessions only!  

However, couples sessions DO often work better via a visual Skype or Zoom.  It’s a very different dynamic, with couples.

Nothing is set in stone. Whatever modality we mutually agree upon, I am dedicated to helping persons “connect all the dots” …helping to move trapped energies completely through the body and “whatever works.”   Feel free to call me for a free initial 15 min chat.

Is there a big difference between day and night sessions?

There is not much of a difference between day and night sessions. I create an atmosphere that’s extremely soothing and much like a sacred temple no matter what time of day. You can expect intelligent interactions, a hot shower, water, tea, gorgeous music selection, candles, and a divine feminine oasis of depth, connection and rejuvenation created especially for you.

Where are you located?

My workspace is located on the north shore of the Hawaiian Island of Maui, not far from Mama’s Fish House, a world famous restaurant where some people like to visit after their sessions. I also enjoy short trips once or twice a year, mostly to California. Please inquire if you would like me to notify you of my next visit to your area. [Note: I am not traveling at this time.]

What happens if I get aroused during a session?

Any sensuality in our sessions complements rather than replaces conventional sexual interaction. This is a sublime, esoteric, erogenous experience you probably have not experienced and are not likely to encounter elsewhere. Getting an erection is common for male clients (with women it’s less obvious). It’s perfectly natural and a matter for pride; it’s never a reason for embarrassment or shame. It’s proof you’re alive. Although it may be a natural response, it’s not my ultimate focus during a Tantric bodywork session.  I have countless ways to master and teach mastery of these energies.

What if I am feeling nervous?

Some people feel nervous until they finally meet me. When we meet, you will know all is and will be well. I am a compassionate, non-judgmental person. I do not care what body type you have or how experienced you may or may not be. I see into the Soul. Everyone has some interesting vulnerability, including me. Only when we feel safe do we share, as well it should be. As we get to know each other, I will share more about me with you.

Will there be any sexual exchange during the massage?

To avoid misunderstandings, including legality, I place emphasis on the fact that I am offering Tantric teachings and being paid for time and educational purposes. To be clear, I am not an escort where s-e-x takes place, often defined as: orifices entered or fluids exchanged.. On the other hand, I am aware that touch can arouse, and that life energy is strongly connected to sexual energies. During resting time, the Chi-energy is bounded in the sex-chakra (second chakra). Tantric touch stimulates this energy, bundles it and distributes it throughout the body. I invite you to try something completely new.

For men: I have problems with keeping my erection. How does play into a Tantric reality?

Erections come and go in life, just like everything else. When “all the dots connect,” an erection may arise out of nowhere. Then again, an erection can also go away, out of nowhere, due to being fully aligned. There are countless reasons, conditions and states of being. Variable states are wonderful valley/peak experiences when one’s dual mind is not obstructing flow. In Tantra, supreme detachment from whether you are erect or not is paramount. I have known men that have no erection, yet still feel so high that they could swear they were making love. I realise that is hard for most men to believe. I’ve been known to catalyze healing for men who thought they were “dysfunctional” and I’m adept at catalyzing men to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasmic states known sometimes as the awakening of kundalini.

For men: I suffer from early ejaculation. Can your sessions help?

With a small amount of Tantric practice, such occurrences are brought under control. I am experienced with this and can teach you how to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasmic states, while prolonging ejaculation pretty much “forever,” meaning even many years, no matter how much some men may think this cannot be done… I have seen it with men and women both, where unique ‘dry orgasms’ (sometimes called kriyas in India) can arise from a high subtle origin. This is a vast subject that I address on many levels, including very esoteric levels. The sky is the limit in the exploration of senses when non-different from higher self. Within one hour, a man can gain the master keys to most PE (premature ejaculation) occurrences.

Can you reassure me this is spiritual?

I am 100% dedicated to raising energies to a high spiritual level. You will not feel guilty or that you acted against your conscience. It takes practice and although it’s work, it’s VERY enjoyable work!  It’s highly liberating and can prove to be very helpful in your daily life. In very Advanced Tantra, you realize everything makes love with everything everywhere. It’s all in the teachings and the subtle energy currents that flow through our chakras. These channels all need to be opened through one’s heart to experience even a drop of this. I can guide you through various kinds of bodywork and energy work. This could incorporate some sensual energy that gets directed to higher levels… You will get it when you start a session with me. It’s a dance of sorts. Perhaps consider that this hints at ancient Hawaiian ageless wisdom, not just that of ancient eastern Indian wisdom. Both regions were once a part of a larger continent – Lemuria.  Mahalo for being open!

Does the session duration mean just the time I am getting touched?

As with any professional you’d work with, sessions begin with when you first walk in and begin the process… It includes bathroom/shower, the build-up and the wind-down, until you actually exit. However, I allow for a softer defining line. Its nice to have a short initial introductory chat, and a little debriefing chat for no charge at the end. The session does however indeed begin when there is clearly a deepening in the discussion about actual Tantra, leading up to the more experiential longer part of the session.

Do you offer discounts? Do you barter?

My suggested donations are lower than many practitioners, as I do try to be reasonable and offer some sliding scale.  Tantra work generally commands very high fees. If you are sincere and clearly financially challenged, then please talk to me.  I do not like turning sincere, compatible persons away, and there are sometimes creative ways I can work things out for persons of meager financial means and still keep my energy up in high gear.

What sets you apart from other providers?

What sets me apart from others is my authentic commitment to personal growth, my intellect, and my years of experience as a mentor, muse, sex educator and mystic, gained from extensive and intensive travel, especially to India.

7 Options to Choose From:



♠ Tantric experiential practices via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom ~  $120 – 200 hr  (free 15 min intro)

♠  Phone sessions on ANY topic ~ diet, sex, job, finances, global news, marriage, depression, addiction, detox, quantum consciousness, time travel, anything! ~ sliding scale (free 15 min intro)



Inspired Sessions for Men ~  $240 hr

♠ Tantric Practices for Couples ~  $250 hr

 Empowerment for Women ~  $150 – $200 hr

Low Income & Barter ~ TBD (to be determined)

Spiritual healings, Outdoor sessions, Muse ~ TBD

For Online Sessions ~ payment is requested in advance with a credit card via Venmo or Stripe. Please contact me for details. 
See SESSIONS page or FAQs above for further details. . . 


 PHONE  ~ (808) 281-0081