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Many women today are becoming more empowered and enjoy being called Goddess. How does this play into a Tantra Goddess Healing Touch session?  And what are other practitioners offering around the globe? Please enjoy some popular resources, and a little about my own kundalini experiences and life story, in the section below ….

Additional Tantra Resources


A bit of Deva’s Life Story – Learn how a jarring kundalini awakening long ago brought me to my present day life purpose.

Note: Each of the links below opens in a new tab or window.

Tantra Chakra Dance – 6-minute video with Mare Simone in ecstatic embrace with another.

Teal Swan – See Teal Swan’s many insightful videos on her website.

 “Tantra, Karezza, and Sacred Sex Defined ~ by Catherine Yronwode. Describes various styles of tantra (sexual and non-sexual) around the world.

Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain” ~ by Riddhi Shah in The Huffington Post

Ecstatic Hearts ~ See the video, “Morning with Phillip & Holly” for a very funny Neo-Tantra discussion of orgasmic states.

Jack Johnston – Learn male multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm using key trigger sounds.

Om Rupani – Sophisticated domination and submission studies and classes

Shawn Roop – Tantra teacher and friend

Laura Carrotti – Tantra teacher, goddess, and friend. Read her excellent:  Definition of Tantra. Enjoy her workshops globally.

Susanna – Sexual Intuitive goddess in Los Angeles


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