People today are becoming more empowered, recognising the conciousness of Mother Earth, Gaia, the Divine Feminine.  What is the history?  Where do the recent Tantra Goddess Healing Arts originally arise from?  And what are other practitioners offering around the globe?  Please enjoy some popular books and links for further education, along with my own kundalini experiences and Life Story in the link section below ….

Additional Tantra Resources


A bit of Deva’s Life Story – Learn how a jarring kundalini awakening long ago brought me to my present day life purpose.

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The Gospel of Garab Dorje ~ The Highest, Secret Teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, by Yeshe Donden (Roger Calverley).  Contact Deva for details or just buy it on amazon (click title). This is an advanced subtle expression of true Tantra, out of Tibet, called Dzochen. The book pictured further up called “Amrut Laya, the Stateless State” says the same exact thing, only through the eyes of the great India sages, and the vedas that pre-date all religion.

Tantra Chakra Dance – 6-minute video with Mare Simone in ecstatic embrace with another.

 “Tantra, Karezza, and Sacred Sex Defined ~ by Catherine Yronwode. Describes various styles of tantra (sexual and non-sexual) around the world.

Dr Thomas Lodi ~ An inspiring alternative oncologist MD who holds the keys to long lasting health.  He has many videos and free webinars. He helped my two brothers and I can fully vouch for him on all levels.


Jack Johnston – Learn male multiple non-ejaculatory orgasm using key trigger sounds. 

I AM Teachings  – See Peter Mt Shasta’s many excellent books on amazon. Elder wise friend.

SkyDancing Tantra International – Margo Anand has one of the larger neo-tantra schools with many practitioners listed on her site. All schools and traditions vary immensely and have different degrees of clarity. There are many European practitioners, too.

The Connection Between Orgasm and Kundalini Awakening – By Shai Tubali. Just food for thought. There’s plenty of this on YouTube.

Why Meditation And Orgasm Feel The Same To The Brain – short chat from 2011, by Riddhi Shah, in The Huffington Post. Its an interesting contemplation, but this barely touches the surface of these things.

Laura Carrotti – Tantra teacher, and a caring goddess and friend.  If like, read her lengthy:  Definition of Tantra.  Enjoy her workshops globally.

Tantra Goddess Guan Yin

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