Maui Tantra Sessions


A private Maui Tantra session with Deva can add a fascinating touch to any relationship, including with one’s own self exploration. Tantra sessions are catered to each individual and can address a mixture of the issues and multiple needs listed below. You can make specific requests. Following inner guidance, some sessions may have more co-creative elements… A number of questions are answered on the FAQs page. Tantra is for sincere, respectful adults with the clear understanding that it is not sex work, nor happy endings. There are ways to attain states of bliss through inspired forms of touch that are not dependent on sex and, in fact, can far surpass one’s expectations. Sessions are possible even without touch, and the online sessions can be very experiential.

 EMAIL ~        PHONE  ~  (808) 281-0081

Black crown - Maui Tantric Healing Arts


Choose from the following, with suggested donations per hour:



♠ Tantric experiential practices via Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom ~  $120 – 200 hr  (free 15 min intro)

♠  Phone sessions on ANY topic ~ diet, sex, job, finances, global news, marriage, depression, addiction, detox, quantum consciousness, time travel, anything! ~ sliding scale (free 15 min intro)



Inspired Sessions for Men ~ $240 hr

♠ Tantric Practices for Couples ~ $250 hr

Empowerment for Women ~ $150 – $200 hr

Low Income & Barter ~ TBD (to be determined)

Spiritual healings, Outdoor sessions, Muse ~ TBD

Please bring only cash donations with you to pay for your session, same day.  Suggested is to bring an extra hour’s worth because often people decide to go longer than they had expected. Sliding scale is offered for income challenged persons.
REMOTE SESSIONS ~ Please contact me for a simple Venmo or Stripe transaction prior to your session.
SINGLE  IN-PERSON SESSIONS ~ Bring cash and wear comfy, loose clothes. Call or text when on your way. 
COUPLES IN-PERSON SESSIONS ~ Discuss with each other your wishes, needs and what you aspire toward.

Suggested session length >

For couples ~ 2 hrs is just fine ($550),  some choose 2.5 hrs ($680), or 3 hrs ($820), and on occasion 4 hrs ($1000).

For individuals ~ 1 hr is possible, but 1.25 is far better; and 2 hrs is best to really start learning the fundamentals of Tantra.  In all sessions, there is flexibility ~ you can decide on the length, as you go along. Do bring extra cash ~ often people decide to go longer than they had expected.


If you are sincerely seeking to become All that you can Be, and are interested in genuine Tantra, welcome and aloha!

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Aspects of Hawaii Tantra Sessions


Dynamic online sessionss

Dynamic Long Distance Sessions

Lots can happen in a private telephone, Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype session. Right from home, get support on an array of topics relating to love, tantra, sex, relationships, & healing. What keeps you awake at night? What needs to improve in your partnership? No need to be shy with Deva. Sessions are fully confidential. These are the times to dive in and truly have a breakthrough. We can explore your primal and heart sourced needs, plus “connect all the dots,” sometimes without even touching, from the comfort of your home. Long distance sessions are for both singles and couples and can be very dynamic and experiential. Right over the phone, I am experienced at helping move trapped energies completely through the body and so much more.  Feel free to call me for a free 15 min chat.

Contact me for more information.

Couple at beach learning Maui Tantra

Couples can keep the Magic

      •   Learn the many faces of Tantric touch, tools and play skills. Online or in-person sessions.
      •   Give and receive loving energy through each other, including multi-orgasmic states.
      •   Make couples therapy fun, sitting or laying on a bed!
      •   Release old traumas, outdated narratives and chronic looping.
      •   Reboot a routine married life that has lost some luster.
      •   Launch new relationships wisely so the magic never dies.

The empowered man

Learn to be a Conscious Man

•   Awaken and unleash your divine primordial nature. Remote or in-person sessions.
•   Find peace in your inner erotic anima and chi.
•   Feel more comfortable, confident, empowered- enjoying better vitality and health.
•   Release old habitual patterns ~ chronic pain, betrayal, resentment, shame and guilt tripping.
•   Replace imbalances with extraordinary positive energies and a sense of well-being lasting all day long.
•   Birth a loving connection ~ with one’s self, with a partner, and ultimately with universal source.

Leg massage - Maui Tantra Sessions

Being Present for Her

•   Learn basic energetic principles and secrets about female energy,
•   Ground your own energy to match intense feminine shakti power.
•   Dramatically improve communication skills, verbal & nonverbal
•   Create a ritualized temple space to heal and please your beloved.
•   Clear past abuse and wounding, both individually and collectively.
•   Make a woman feel like a Goddess.


Deva on a bed - Maui Tantra Sessions

The Sacred Bedroom

•   Learn lasting ecstatic love-making without agenda to outcome.
•   Master types of orgasms that allow choice, transference and complete freedom.
•   Experience full-body orgasmic and kundalini states.
•   Learn fascinating inner journey “exotic bed therapy” and reset old programs.
•   Cultivate a spiritual dimension into your sexuality.
•   Friend your shadow and learn not to be perfect.


Mystic Guan Yin

Mystics, Yogis, Diet

Everything in reality is Tantric, depending on the eyes you look through. It is a divine intimacy where stars kiss the deep night. Yoga means ‘union’ and Tantra means ‘to weave’. Watch the films “Mata Hari” or “Dangerous Beauty” to better understand women that had a tantric flare and were the opposite of celibate. Then watch “St Francis of Assisi” to appreciate a natural celibate. There are many naturally celibate yogis, including the Dalai Lama, Yogananda, Ramakrishna, St. Theresa of Avila, Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, Amritananda, St. Francis and St. Clare. They’ve all demonstrated a very advanced White Tantric solo poly lifestyle. “Poly” becomes “The One and Only, residing in all Beings Everywhere.” It is hard to be explained and has to be experienced. It is an honor doing sessions with persons inclined in this direction. Sessions can include kriya type breathing and touch dynamics, or sacred movement in the way of yoga, song, mantra, mudras and dance. Also help with diet, which is key. Donation basis.  People attracted to this path tend to sublimate, NOT suppress, their lower chakra chi.

Travel to You


Travel fare would need to be covered in advance, along with a deposit for the session and logistics. This is true for inter-island flights and also flights to the mainland.  However, I sometimes travel on my own…especially to the west coast. Please inquire if you would like to be notified when I am next in your area.

Update ~  TRAVEL PLANS ARE POSTPONED until I truly feel guided again. I enjoy just staying on Maui now.

Syracuse, NY (postponed)

San Francisco, CA (postponed)

India (postponed)